The Garage on Koltsovskiy street
The Garage on Shishkov street
Building of the South Eastern Railways
The Extension to the building of the Law Department of the Voronezh State University
Voronezh State University of Architecture and Engineering
Administrative building of the Drug Enforcement Agency
Administrative building of the Federal Security Service Directorate
Department Store on Patriotov avenue
Department Store on Zhukovstreet,15
Department Store “South West”
Multifunctional complex on Dimitrov street
Post office building reconstruction
Apex Hotel on Platonov street
Business Centre Apex on Platonov street
Department Store on Kukolkin street
Cultural and entertainment center
Non-food store on Plekhanov street
coffee shop Big Ben
Cultural Center on Karl Marks street
Apartment house on Lizyukov street
Apartment house on Zamkin street
Apartment house on the intersection of Komarov street and Dundicha street
Apartment house on Patriotov avenue
Apartment house onPatriotovavenue, 2
Apartment house on Olkhoviy lane
Apartment house onTaranchenko street
Apartment house onB.Chernavskaya street
Apartment house on Rabochiy avenue
Apartment house on Arsenalnaya street
House of Metropolitan
Apartment house on Scherbakov street
sleeping building of the Voronezh State University, Venevitinovo
Puppet Theatre
Art gallery
Building of baptistery
Employment guidance center
House Projects
Palace of Culture
Children's Cultural Center
School of radio operators
Bunin monument
12-storey apartment house on Olkhoviy lane
Business Centre on Sredne-Moscowskaya street
Administrative building
the main entrance of the Voronezh State University
the Round House on StepanRazin street
the apartment house on Kholzunova steet,12
Petrovskiy Passage