Housing problem

Housing problem

Interior with unlimited possibilities / Moscow – Russia, 2010


Interiors - Planning // 2010 // Interiors, apartments // Moscow - Russia // Area 30 m2 // for the company +aap for the tv-programme “Housing problem” - NTV // The creative team: Anastasiya Topoeva (chief architect), Nico Rikkert, Martin Tamke


The organization of the multifunction barrier-free environment for the family with a wheelchair-user. Expanding the boundaries of perception, therapy. Concise color scheme does not distract from the play of light and shadow on the parametric form of ceiling and walls.

The smart house system allows you to control lights, doors, furniture, and appliances. All the thresholds are removed. A simulator verticalizer is provided for training. Handles of windows opening are especially designed for physically challenged people.


Follow the link to watch the TV-programme “Housing problem”: we.ihope.ru/video12.shtml