Klumba restaurant

Klumba restaurant

Russia, Moscow, 2008


Architecture – Interiors – Planning //2008//

Klumba restaurant //Area 580 sq. m// Topoeva Anastasiya, Valeriy Lizunov// for Archpoint company


Two-level restaurant “Klumba” is designed for a new building Artplay. The total area of the restaurant: ​​580 m2, kitchen area: 144.95 m2, number of seats 174, plus 7 seats at the bar.

The challenge in designing the interior was the integration of interior lobby business center, which made transparent the perimeter wall of the restaurant.

A tight pattern is applied to glass partitions, hard directional spotlight falling on the pattern, creates a play of light and shadow. This play is comparable to the emerging foliage of trees on a sunny day.

The room is filled with soft, warm light that passes through the carved ceiling, reflected on the beams, hidden behind a false ceiling, lighting on the bar.

Interior is made in a monochrome palette and subject to this idea, bright spots of green zones is outside the restaurant and is located on the perimeter of the business center, and cover schemers. Blinds create a cozy atmosphere.