Banquet VIP class ship Vatel

Banquet VIP class ship Vatel

Russia, Moscow, 2002—2003.


Architecture – Interiors - Planning //2002-2003//

Banquet VIP class ship Vatel / / 1200 sq.m. / / Topoeva Anastasia, Manko Karen, Begunts Ekaterina for the company ARCHIVARIO / / Publication in the SALON magazine.


Load capacity of 1200 tons

Width of 15 meters

Length of 80 meters

Weight of 400 tons.

Capacity: up to 400 guests.


The unique project initially, which founded a series of similar ships.

Exterior and the main rooms of ship, such as the lobby, banquet hall, cocktail deck made ​​in hi-tech style .VIP hall is decorated with inlaid amber oak paneling and silk.

The unique construction technology are used to withstand the dynamic forces that occur when moving the ship.

The design of the ship lighting is based on the concept of lighting design.

Несколько режимов освещения, начиная с ярко торжественной иллюминации, продолжая приглушенным освещением арок банкетного зала, а также акцентом на сценический свет во время выступления артистов всё это создаёт необходимую атмосферу праздника.

Several modes of illumination, from bright festive illuminations, subdued lighting of arches banquet hall as well as a focus on the light during stage performances create the necessary atmosphere of the holiday.